Real estate developer leads with innovative technology

April 30, 2018

From floor to ceiling and doors to draws, Adera uses Quiet HomeTM technology to reduce airborne sound by increased material thickness and gaskets going above the mandated standards to ensure they are innovative about reducing sound in their homes. 


Adera’s Quiet Home™ technology has achieved acoustical test results equal to or better than concrete construction built to code using standard metrics. It also results in a reduction of heat loss and off-gas emissions, while increasing the fire safety rating.

There are two forms of noise transmitted within buildings – airborne and impact. The Building Code regulates airborne sound using the Sound Transmission Coefficient but does not regulate impact sound, the source of
most customer noise complaints. The secret to Adera’s Quiet Home™ is the reduction of airborne sound by increased material thickness and gaskets, going above the mandated standards, and the reduction of impact sound by providing air gaps, resiliency, and stiffness in our detailed construction assemblies.

Adera’s Quiet Home™ system features Cross Laminated Timber, 25% more gypsum ceiling board, and 143% more insulation than the minimum 2012 Code requirement for wood floors. Furthermore, a sound attenuation mat under the topping and isolation strips at the sides of the topping have been added. The wall system
includes gasket electrical boxes layered with fire-rated putty and foam, and has 100% more gypsum wallboard and 100% more insulation than the minimum 2012 Code for wood framed party walls.

All these extra materials get assembled with detailed care and attention. Specialized assembly techniques allow us to block even more sound. In short, Adera’s Quiet Home™ significantly reduces both airborne and impact sound transmission for our homeowners.


Mass Timber products are the way of the future for multi-family residential construction. Adera's use of Mass Timber in the construction of their developments provides a superior level of safety and sustainability as illustrated in the infographic that you can view through the link below.

Adera’s focus on innovation & technology is driven by their passion to offer the best value to their customers. They believe in raising the bar to deliver more sustainable homes to benefit the cities we live, work & play in.


Adera is the largest Built Green builder in BC & has won multiple national & international awards, including the
Platinum Georgie Award & 3 Grand SAMs, in addition to being the first Canadian recipient of a Gold Nugget Award. For more information visit