IKEA hacks to elevate your home design

June 18, 2018

Being creative is part of owning a home in BC, with affordability being top of mind for many home owners, DIY tips are in popular demand.

A local home builder, Mosaic Homes, partnered with Laura Melling, a Vancouver-based interior designer, who have together created an upscale home design look on a budget with IKEA Hacks at their new townhome model home, Hawthorne, in Surrey, BC.

The home was designed by integrating IKEA furniture and systems with some of our favourite accessories, lights, and art by local artists. This IKEA Hack home is the ultimate DIY high-low project with clever modifications to some basic IKEA pieces, your home can be both beautiful to look at and make the most of accessible furniture.

Photo: Janis Nicolay

UPGRADE YOUR BED: A king size MALM bed is hacked by using infill panels to extend the headboard wall to wall. The headboard is wrapped with foam and finished in a soft grey wool felt. Wall mounted BESTA units frame the bed and serve as night tables.

Photo: Janis Nicolay

REIMAGINED TODDLERS BED: Reimagine the KURA bed by adding a roofline and white washing the bedframe. This simple structure transforms into endless possibilities for a child’s imagination.

Photo: Martin Tessler

LIVING ROOM FEATURE WALL: A great living room feature wall using BESTÅ wall units can be arranged to create a striking composition while maximizing storage across the 10-ft high ceilings. More BESTÅ units are installed at the seated height and paired with DIY wood cubbies for the perfect reading bench. 

Photo: Janis Nicolay

SOPHISTICATED COFFEE TABLE: Legs of Ikea Stockholm Coffee Table paired with new custom stadium shape tabletop in terra cotta colour. 

Photo: Janis Nicolay

DIY WINDOW SEAT: Under a windowsill, EKET cubes are used to create a structure and storage for a DIY window seat.