Spirit Bay: Home happiness and sustainability by design

By Sheryl Gray September 18, 2018

Buying a family home is about more than kitchen layouts and bedroom counts. There’s a sense of comfort and contentment that come with the right home – both inside the four walls, and outside – in the surrounding community and its people, character, and landscape. Feeling connected to your home and community is a welcome “throwback” in this age of digital distraction and overall busyness.

All those things and more: meet Spirit Bay, a sustainable seaside village development located on the shoreline of Becher Bay near Metchosin, on Scianew First Nation land. People looking to meld tradition, community, and sustainability will want to visit this growing village on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, which includes a significant stretch of waterfront land along the Salish Sea. Spirit Bay is well positioned to develop into a vibrant, self-sustaining community which draws visitors to enjoy the unique lifestyle.

"Spirit Bay could only be realized through a special partnership with the Scianew First Nation which has unlocked the land to provide ongoing revenue for its community, " says Geoff Gosson, director of marketing at Spirit Bay. "Spirit Bay residents own a 99-year pre-paid lease. The Band benefits, not only from the lease payments, but from annual property taxes and utility revenues from Band-owned geothermal energy that is used to heat and cool the homes."

The community has been designed in the style of traditional fishing villages, and in support of a relationship with the resources of the sea. With all aspects of the community designed and planned for human happiness, Phase 1 is almost complete, with plans for the next phase well underway. The community is set on 100 acres of land, and is planned to include a mix of 400 custom, single-family homes, shared village recreational amenities, along with locally owned shops and services.

The community plan is centred around the Village Centre, which will be a hub for social activity as well as practical errands, with plans for a bakery, grocery store, gas station and various shops and services – businesses that meet the needs of residents. Residents are encouraged to become more than just neighbours here – the home designs intentionally do not include garages, so that people can greet each other as they come and go. A true community, the inclusive nature of the village will provide great appeal for year-round residents as well as owners of cottage-style homes.

“Spirit Bay’s partnership with the Trust for Sustainable Development (TSD) – a federally chartered not-for-profit – reflects the authenticity of creating a new community for the greater good rather than pure profit. That said, the TSD has a track record of running its business effectively, as we know that doing the right thing is also the right thing for business,” says Kris Obrigewitsch, Executive Director of the Trust for Sustainable Development. “The TSD has a 30-year track record for developing sustainable communities, which result in strong links between people and places, and everlasting connections between the people who call these communities home.”

Spirit Bay is located at 4901 East Sooke Road in Metchosin (35 minutes northwest of Victoria). Homes range from 490 – 1920 sq.ft and are designed as “better not bigger.” 18 different cottage and home design plans are available, with opportunities for customization. In addition, custom home builders are welcome to learn more about our Sunset Point lots. Connect with Spirit Bay at the Visitor Centre, open Thursday through Monday, noon to 4:00pm. Learn more or sign up for updates online at spiritbay.ca, or by contacting 1-855-744-6888 or info@spiritbay.ca.